Accommodation charges are payable, using an acceptable method by the Hotel, at check-in. Additional bond of AUD 150 is required to check-in and stay at the Hotel, accepted by pre-authorising the credit card supplied and/or imprinted below or via cash or EFTPOS, as security during and for any extensions made to this stay. The credit card pre-authorisation is refundable by the bank (within 7 working days) and the cash bond is refundable upon departure; after a room inspection and account clearance. Surcharges apply on credit card payments. Check-out is at 1000 hours on the Check-out date. All keys/power tags are to be returned to Reception.

The account limit for your room is AUD 150. Once checked in according to the above terms, you are able to chargeback incidental charges for using our facilities and services back to your room account. If these incidental charges go over your account limit then you are required to make interim payment immediately. At Hotel’s discretion, the security bond may be used as interim payment in which case the security bond becomes payable again for your continued stay.

The Hotel is a non-smoking or vaping venue. Evidence of smoking or vaping (including odour) will attract a cleaning fee of AUD $200 charged to your account. Repetitive smoking will attract repetitive fee charged daily as a minimum. Additional charge of up to AUD $920 costs will be incurred by the guest if alarms are activated & Fire Brigade attends.
Please see our Payment Policy and Booking Information for related information.

For any clarification on the above, please contact Hotel Reception / Supervisor.

Total liability for any loss/damage (including but not limited to appliances, furniture, keys, fittings, fixtures and any unsettled charges by your Booking Agent or Company); is of the person registering to check in by signing below and also depositing the bond as security. Additional charges will be charged to your account and payment will be taken off the bond security and/or the credit card imprinted below for: AUD 200 per lost room key, AUD 300 per lost safety deposit key, cleaning of excessively dirty room starts from AUD 150.

Comfort Hotel Perth City accepts no responsibility/liability to compensate for any loss, theft or damage of personal property on, or brought into the Hotel/room or in the immediate vicinity of any of the Hotel areas/rooms including the car park and luggage storage facilities.